Patient Declaration of Values
As part of Bridgepoint’s mission to change the world for people living with complex chronic disease and disability we have developed a Patient Declaration of Values document. The values list is what our patients and community want and expect from our hospital team.

Bridgepoint’s Patient Declaration of Values has been developed through widespread consultation with our patients, former patients, family members and caregivers. This public consultation was also in accordance with Ontario's Excellent Care for All Act in order to ensure patients' needs and values are well considered throughout their care journey.

Our consultation process and our subsequent Declaration of Values help strengthen our organizational focus and accountability for delivering high quality patient care and we are pleased to share it with you.

Thank you to all who participated in our focus groups, community and internal meetings and in our online survey.

To provide feedback, contact Patient Relations at 416-461-8252 ext. 2026 or by e-mail at patientrelations@bridgepointhealth.ca.
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